About the Bond

It has been nearly 20 years since the passage of the last bond measure in the North Bend School District. In that time, the number of students in our classrooms has increased, safety and security concerns have changed, and basic systems like electrical, heating, plumbing and roofs are aging and do not function as designed in some schools.

In 2019, the North Bend School District partnered with parents, community members, district leadership and industry experts to craft a Long Range Facilities Plan. This plan assessed the District’s facilities needs over the next 10 years based on the building condition assessments, educational adequacy assessments, and capacity analyses. It also provides a capital improvement plan for addressing building condition deficiencies, as well as educational program changes, and enrollment growth.

The Bond Development Committee collaborated with leadership and architectural experts to form a $22.695 million bond renewal to:

  • Address Health, Safety and Security
  • Repair & Update Aging School Buildings
  • Expand Hands On Learning & Student Career Pathways

Proposed Bond Cost

The district estimates that the proposed $22.695 million bond, if passed, would maintain the current tax rate that property owners in the North Bend School District are currently paying.

In addition, the State of Oregon has awarded the North Bend School District a matching funds grant of $4 million to help fund bond projects. The District would only receive the grant if the proposed bond measure passes.

An independent, citizen-led Bond Oversight Committee will be established to oversee the use of bond funds if the bond passes.